CRESST works in partnership with child and youth centred organisations. We deliver structured sessions in non-violent conflict resolution, and train children and young people to become peer mediators.

We can offer:

    Training: for children, young people and their supporting staff and adults. Workshops in Conflict Resolution Education (CRE) and peer mediation

    Advice & Support on developing a comprehensive approach to Conflict Resolution Education in your organisation, including advice on policies and procedures and ways to set up mediation schemes led by young people themselves.

    Consultations and presentations to senior management, governors, trustees, parents, children and young people

Latest News

Sunday, 17 Jul 2016

CRESST the Peaks

Join our bike ride & picnic fundraiser for Sheffield’s local conflict resolution training charity. Please see events section for more details and booking form.

Monday, 16 Nov 2015

Greystones Primary off to a great start

Laura Church, Teaching Assistant and scheme coordinator at Greystones said, 'Our peer mediators gave really positive feedback about their training, and they are off to a great start. Lunchtime supervisors have already commented on how much calmer the atmosphere in the playground has become.'

Tuesday, 10 Nov 2015

Time to give peace education a chance in schools

CRESST gets a mention for its work on peace education and developing skills in conflict resolution and mediation. An article in the Guardian raises the debate about this Government’s £95m ‘military ethos in schools’ project aimed at building support for the armed forces, contrasting the lack of emphasis or guidance supporting peace education or ensuring human rights employers are represented alongside the military at careers fairs in schools. See the Guardian online


Thursday, 09 Jun 2016

Young Peacemakers Project (primary schools)

A day workshop for schools considering adopting a whole school approach to resolving conflict and the benefits of a peer mediation scheme. It will equip participants with the knowledge and resources to establish or revive a scheme in their school.

Thursday, 30 Jun 2016

Youth Resolving Conflict (secondary schools)

An overview/introductory programme to effective classroom communication in secondary schools using non-violent communication approaches and techniques to ensure positive student engagement.

Sunday, 17 Jul 2016

CRESST the Peaks Charity Cycle Ride

Join our bike ride picnic fundraiser for Sheffield’s local conflict resolution training charity. There’s something for everyone on our CRESST the Peaks ride. We’ve a traffic free route of up to 27km (17 miles) sandwiched in the middle of a more challenging route from Sheffield, giving a total ride of about 63 km (39 miles). We’ve a picnic lunch stop at Heatherdene car park too, so you can join us there by train from nearby Bamford station even if you’re not a cyclist. you can still enjoy CRESSTing the Peaks - just join us for the picnic. Click the title to register and for more information.

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